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Facial Eczema Spike Expected


Facial eczema spore counts have been getting dangerously high in many regions of the North Island over the past week, and predictions are that counts in many areas will spike over the next week to 10 days following this warm Northerly rain.

Farmers and lifestyle block owners in locations which have had a history of FE in the past are likely to be affected and should be taking full precautions with susceptible animals.

If anyone is unsure what to do, they are strongly advised to contact their veterinarian for advice on the best method of prevention for their particular situation.

Symptoms include animals seeking shade and showing distress, then developing weeping lesions on the face or other parts of the body that are lightly pigmented. These animals should be removed from toxic pasture, fed supplementary feeds such as hay/ haylage or silage to reduce the intake of toxic spores and provided with plenty of shade and clean water for drinking. Cows in milk should be removed from the main herd and given special treatment to avoid suffering. Veterinary advice should be sought for the best outcome.

Weekly facial eczema spore counts

For more information please contact:
Leo Cooney,
Field Technician
(Spokesperson on facial eczema for AsureQuality)
Tel: 021 448541.