Happy Mid Autumn Festival Final 3

Old Traditions, New Celebrations

Author: Pam Whitfield

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, one of the largest celebrations across China and many other East and South East Asian countries. As families gather to celebrate, international brands are finding their own ways to impress consumers.

Shoot for the moon(cake)

The sale of mooncakes for gifting during the festival represents a ¥22B / NZD4.4B market. Many international brands are putting their spin on the traditional mooncake to capture a share of this market. Häagen-Dazs’s launch of ice-cream-filled chocolate mooncakes(external link) that are co-branded with The Louvre Museum is one innovative example. 

Brands going further to resonate with customers

The gifting of fruit, dairy, and liquor is also popular, and NZ brands exporting to China are seizing the occasion with some impressive campaigns. After a sell-out performance last festival, T&G’s latest brand campaign(external link) for Envy™ gift boxes promotes sharing the ultimate apple experience with loved ones through the festival holiday. They describe the proposition as “elevating what an apple can be.” 

Zespri has also implemented premium festival-themed gift boxing, and Oyster Bay Wines has teamed up with a Chinese podcast program Tipsy Proof, bringing consumers memories of the deliciousness of their hometown.

It’s great to see Kiwi brands building upon NZ’s reputation for high-quality food and beverage by creating premium experiences that resonate with export consumers.

Wishing everyone good fortune and health this Moon Festival.