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Honey Food Safety Awareness RMP

Understanding Dairy Pathogen Management

Duration: 1 day, Cost: $833.00 per person + GST & disbursements

Course overview

This course will give employees involved in the dairy industry an understanding of pathogen management, legislation, systems and verification activities in the dairy industry.

What is covered?

  • What legislation applies to pathogen management?
  • Who needs to have a pathogen management programme?
  • Reminder: what are pathogens? What are the consequences of contamination?

What are their growth conditions?

  • Sources of contamination in the dairy industry
  • Components of a pathogen management programme
  • How an operator goes about developing a pathogen management programme
  • Overview of verification activities associated with pathogen management programmes
  • Overview of responsibilities of an individual with respect to pathogen management programmes

Who should attend?

  • All dairy operators
  • Anyone operating an RMP programme

Key benefits

  • Understand regulatory requirements with respect to pathogen management in the dairy industry
  • Understand pathogen management programmes and processes in the dairy industry
  • Understand what a Pathogen management programme may look like in an RMP
  • Understand pathogen management programme audit verification requirements; including understanding checksheet requirements and examples of typical non-conformances and industry norms


No unit standards apply.

This course includes a non-unit standard based Assessment to check your understanding of the topic.


There is no prerequisite.

Trainees need to bring a copy of their site floor plan to the course, for a

Zoning exercise during the course.

Note: Currently this course is only available to domestic students. Please contact us if you are not a domestic student and would like to register your interest in this course.


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