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Assurance Programmes

We certify suppliers
that meet the required
assurance programme
or company standards

Assurance Programmes

We certify suppliers that meet the required assurance programme or company standards. We perform audits against standards in the red meat, wool, poultry and dairy industries.

AsureQuality has a team of farm auditors who are trained to perform audits against various standards. All audits are carried out to ensure high standards are maintained to provide assurances against the standards.

As a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) some of these audits are recognised to ISO/IEC 17065. For further information about our Accredited Programmes please refer to:

AsureQuality Animal Welfare (Meat Chicken and Turkey) Standard

The Standard was developed in a response to the Poultry industry’s need for a robust, rigorous animal welfare certification programme. It covers all meat chicken and turkey farming systems in New Zealand.

The Standard is the first in New Zealand to achieve independent JAS-ANZ(external link) endorsement as an acceptable product certification scheme.

Producers who adopt the Standard are demonstrating leadership in animal welfare and voluntarily building on existing requirements against which its animal welfare practices are measured in New Zealand.

The Standard can be labelled with by the AQ Certified Animal Welfare Mark, which provides consumers with confidence that the chicken and turkey products displaying this Mark come from farms that follow a high standard of animal welfare practices that exceed the minimum requirements for animal welfare in New Zealand.

To request a copy of the full Standard, please click here(external link) .

Fonterra Trusted Goodness Scheme

AsureQuality is proud to be the Certification Body conducting audits and Certification for the accredited Fonterra Trusted Goodness Scheme. The Fonterra Trusted Goodness Scheme is supported by a number of pillars, including auditable Standards which are owned by Fonterra. These Standards include the Fonterra Grass and Pasture Fed Standard, Non-GMO Standard and Cared for Cows Standard. Certification against these Standards provides support and transparency to the claims made around managing animal welfare and milk that is produced from New Zealand grass-fed cows.

Stock Crate Accreditation

To assure meat quality from ‘farm to fork’ we certify stock crates to an industry standard of animal welfare, hygiene and product quality under the auspices of the Road Transport Forum.

Displaying an AsureQuality plaque on your crate indicates animal welfare is a key concern to your company, and that your crates are regularly maintained so as to meet the exacting standards of the RTF Crate Accreditation Programme.

Transitional Facilities

AsureQuality provide supervisory services for live animal transitional and containment (quarantine) facilities under contract to MPI Quarantine Services.

Dairy Farm Assessment

We are contracted to a number of Dairy Companies to provide Farm Dairy Assessments to ensure farmers meet the required regulations and standards to supply quality milk in New Zealand.

As part of working with the Dairy Companies we provide the following services to farmers:

  • Farm Dairy Approvals
  • Regulatory Farm Dairy Assessment
  • Water sampling and testing
  • Suspect Milk Testing
  • Milk Grade Tracebacks
  • Milk Cooling Validation.

Additional Services provided to support the dairy industry are:

  • DDT Soil Sampling and Testing predominantly required for dairy conversions or dairy grazing
  • Independent Milking Machine Efficiency Testing by an NZMPTA approved tester.