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Enviromap has been developed by AsureQuality to use our AgriBase database to provide companies and their suppliers with a tangible mapping system.

User tools

  • Production Layer - paddock mapping, troughs, irrigation, fertilizer and utilisation history
  • Environmental Layers – wetlands, effluent ponding/spread, erosion risk, wetlands
  • Attribute Mapping – map/store positive aspects of their farm; wild-life, native forest, improvements
  • Hazard Layer – Health & Safety Template. Add and manage hazards, treatments, fuel, pits, bluffs and drops
  • Cultural Layers – map record the cultural attributes of the land.


Value of Enviromap for Farmers

  • Ability to map Accord and Non- Accord waterways
  • Ability to digitise lakes and wetlands
  • Mark in bridge or culverts on waterways
  • Digitise paddocks record activities e.g. crops grown, spray etc.

Value of Enviromap for Companies

  • Access to reporting tools to track progress towards environmental targets
  • Health & Safety
  • Water Accord
  • Confirm your suppliers milking platform / farmed area.

This unique tool can be tailored to your needs.