CodeMark Certification

We are an accredited product certification body for CodeMark, a voluntary scheme that is proof that a building product or system meets the requirements of the NZ Building Code.

AsureQuality is an accredited product certification body for CodeMark.

Why CodeMark?

For manufacturers, suppliers, importers and marketers

It is proof your building product or systems meet Building Code requirements. This is particularly useful if your products are innovative, relatively untried or would have serious consequences if they failed.

Certified products comply with the Building Code, are publicly registered and can use the CodeMark brand.

Why CodeMark?

For building consent authorities, designers, builders and consumers

CodeMark ensures a building product or construction method conforms with the Building Code and is capable of performing as intended.

CodeMark streamlines building consent and inspection processes. It provides access to a public register of all certified building products and building methods.

CodeMark Flyer with the Certification Process Flow PDF (564 KB)

CodeMark Scheme Rules & Forms

Product Assurance and MultiProof (external link)

JAS-ANZ (external link)

AsureQuality CodeMark Programme Certification Register

AsureQuality CodeMark Programme Scheme Rules PDF (296 KB)
AsureQuality CodeMark Ap PDF (365 KB)plication Form