Our Dosimeter Fumigation Sachets ensure that the correct concentrations of Methyl Bromide are achieved during fumigation of forestry and timber products. This provides the assurance that fumigation was successful and that the import/export requirements have been met.

How does the dosimeter sachet work?

AsureQuality produces sachets of a particular chemical composition that absorbs Methyl Bromide during fumigation. After fumigation, the sachet is retrieved and on addition of another chemical, a change of colour indicates whether sufficient fumigation has occurred to meet import or export fumigation requirements.

Dosimeter sachet concentrations available

Two concentration: time levels are available:

  • 150mg.h/l as export sachets
  • 1000mg.h/l for import sachets

Dosimeter sachet ordering details

This product is unique to AsureQuality and serves as an example of our innovation to provide assurance across all aspects of importing and exporting timber and wood products.

Ensure the correct level of Methyl Bromide is used during Fumigation

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