AsureQuality carries out AEWP audits of finger jointed and glue-laminated producers.


  • Strengthens consumer confidence in manufactured timber products
  • Benchmarks production systems
  • Positions New Zealand finger-jointed and glue-laminated products as product of choice in NZ.

Becoming AEWP certified

The AEWP requires two audits per year.

  1. Contact us for a registration form.
  2. Register and submit your Quality Manual for desk assessment
  3. One of our auditors will complete an on-site audit
  4. Once assessment is complete and your organisation is assessed as compliant, we will issue certification.
AEWP Participants
  • Clelands
  • Department of Corrections
  • Laminated Beams
  • North Sawn Lumber
  • Prowood
  • Stillwater Lumber
  • Sutherland & Co Ltd
  • Taranaki Pine
  • Timpack Industries
  • Timberlink NZ
  • TimberLab
  • Young Partnership.