AsureQuality carries out PINENZ programme audits for finger jointed and glue-laminated products.


  • Strengthens consumer confidence in manufactured timber products
  • Benchmarks production systems
  • Positions New Zealand finger-jointed and glue-laminated products as product of choice in the Australasian market.

AsureQuality and the Pine Manufacturers Association are joint-owners of the scheme. AsureQuality maintains the register of organisations that belong to the scheme.

PINENZ Governance

The Pine Manufacturers Association (external link) (PMA) support this programme with governance of the programme, committee support, by running an update programme for members when standards are amended or changed, and by controlling the use of the PINENZ Mark.

To ensure that PINENZ continues to meet industry requirements, an advisory committee comprising representatives who have a vested interest in maintaining, and improving, the quality of manufactured timber product has been established.

PINENZ website (external link)

Becoming PINENZ certified

The PINENZ programme requires two audits per year.

  1. Contact AsureQuality for a registration form.
  2. Register and submit your Quality Manual for desk assessment
  3. AsureQuality auditor will complete an on-site audit
  4. Once assessment is complete and your organisation is assessed as compliant, AsureQuality issue certification.

Certified organisations PDF (60 KB)

PINENZ Participants (external link)