The VTP Programme certifies structurally graded timber products to New Zealand and Australian standards. The strength of sawn timber is highly variable and the VTP programme ensures that your grading system is robust and that the test method used is accurate.

The VTP strengthens consumer confidence in structurally graded timber products and benchmarks production systems.


  • Strengthens consumer confidence in structural timber products
  • Compliance with range of standards and the new SOP
  • AsureQuality’s specialist forestry auditors have extensive experience in the industry across the whole supply chain.

Becoming VTP certified

The VTP programme requires two audits per year.

  1. Contact AsureQuality for a registration form.
  2. Register and submit your Quality Manual for desk assessment
  3. AQ auditor will complete an on-site audit
  4. Once assessment complete and assessed as compliant, AsureQuality issue certification.

VTP certified sites PDF (44 KB)

NZ Wood Processors Association (external link)