Farm Assurance

To ensure consumer confidence we act as the independent auditor for a number of farm assurance audits for meat, wool egg, transport, game estate and dairy companies, including bobby calves.

All audits are carried out by our trained auditors to ensure high standards are maintained to meet the company’s market access requirements.

As a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) some of these audits are recognised to ISO/IEC 17065. For further information about our Accredited Programmes please refer to:

AsureQuality ensures that its farmers' everyday farm practices meet the required assurance programme or company standards.

AsureQuality Animal Welfare Standard (meat chickens and turkeys)

In conjunction with other independent experts, AsureQuality has created a standard for meat chicken and turkey farming and processing that customers can align themselves to.

This standard utilises the codes of welfare and specifies criteria for appropriate animal welfare practices.

To enquire about achieving and being certified to this standard, please complete the below request form.

Stock Crate Accreditation

To assure meat quality from ‘farm to fork’ we certify stock crates to an industry standard of animal welfare, hygiene and product quality under the auspices of the Road Transport Forum.

Displaying an AsureQuality plaque on your crate indicates animal welfare is a key concern to your company, and that your crates are regularly maintained so as to meet the exacting standards of the RTF Crate Accreditation Programme.

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Pet Boarding Accreditation

The AsureQuality Pet Boarding Approval Programme is independent proof that your pet's home away from home is committed to high standards of animal welfare.
More pet boarding information

Transitional Facilities

AsureQuality also provide supervisory services for live animal transitional and containment (quarantine) facilities under contract to MPI Quarantine Services.