Suppliers and input products that have been approved for use by AsureQuality

AsureQuality Approved Inputs - Suppliers & Products XLSX (21 KB) -  for use In organic production

Permission Request Forms (found under Organic Forms)

Livestock Input Decision Tree PDF (21 KB)

  • inputs that have not been used before
  • inputs/ingredients that are non-organic
  • inputs that are an exception to the AsureQuality Organic Standard

AsureQuality certified organic operators may also use:


Acceptable Livestock Health Products – USDA NOP PDF (8.2 MB)

IMPORTANT: Please be mindful when using this document. As it is constantly updated, you should always use the above link for the latest version. To ensure you have the correct information and to avoid confusion, please refrain from sharing this file with others via email or website.

BioGro Certified Inputs - Suppliers & Products (external link)