AsureQuality Organic Certification will provide the evidence that the products you produce meets the standards of safety, ethics and environmental sustainability required by your most demanding market.

Step by Step Guide

 AsureQuality Organic Mark

An organic certification mark on a product gives consumers absolute confidence that the product they are buying has been produced according to organic principles.

Products certified organic by AsureQuality are given a unique organic customer number that enables traceability. You can use the AsureQuality organic logo with your number on approved marketing materials and display a free road side sign.

We also require multi-residue testing of randomly selected organic produce to further assure organic authenticity.

Multi-residue Soil Testing

Primary producers

Your certification covers produce at your farm gate. Your are eligible to advertise your organic status at the farm gate only and can request your first free sign from us and purchase any extra ones required.

Processors, input suppliers, packers and/or marketers of organic products

If you wish to display the AsureQuality logo on your products you should request a copy of the license agreement. Once we have received the competed agreement we will send you the appropriate artwork.

All label and advertising proofs must be submitted to us prior to printing for final approval aganist the AsureQuality Organic Standard Section 3.