Introduction to Food Defence and TACCP

Available to all students

Course Duration: 1 day

Pricing: $540.00 + GST per person

Course overview

This course is designed for anyone who is involved with the development and implementation of food defence threat assessment and food defence plans at their workplace.

What is covered?

What is food defence, and why is it

  • What is food defence, and what is its importance?
  • The range of food defence threats and their potential impacts
  • Attackers and their motivations.
  • Regulatory and certification programmes requirements
  • Common threat assessment approaches
  • How to conduct food defence threat assessment using Threat Assessment and Critical Control Points (TACCP) and develop a food defence plan
  • Food defence plan monitoring, corrective actions, verification and record keeping
  • Explain the importance of regular reviews of food defence plans
  • External audit requirements for food defence threat assessment and plans

Who should attend?

  • Senior and mid-level management
  • Quality assurance and internal auditors
  • Technical managers
  • Engineering managers/staff
  • Production/processing management
  • Procurement, supply chain and distribution management

Key benefits

  • Understand the importance of robust food defence assessments and plans and the potential consequences of not having it in place.
  • Know how carry out a threat assessment and develop, implement and monitor a food defence plan.


A non-unit based assessment is included in the course.


There is no prerequisite 

Note: Currently this course is only available to domestic students. Please contact us if you are not a domestic student and would like to register your interest in this course.

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