AsureQuality offers a range of "off the shelf" immunoassay products manufactured under GMP and ISO standards. This ensures your immunoassays have lot-to-lot consistency and complete lot traceability.

Product Spotlight - AsureQuality HAMA Blocker for Immunoassay Interference

What is Heterophilic Antibody Interference?

Heterophilic Antibodies are a group of human antibodies against animal IgG. HA interference is a well known interference factor in diagnostic assays, often causing false positive results. The most known Heterophilic Antibody interference is Human Anti-Mouse Antibody (HAMA) interference.

HAMA Immunoassay Green Diluent Material Safety Data Sheet (external link)

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 Immunoassay Blue Sample Diluent (5x) – Material Safety Data Sheet (external link)
Coated Microplates
  • Streptavidin coated microplate
Immunoassay Plate Coating Buffer
  • 20X
  • 1X
Immunoassay Post Coat Plate Stablizer 
 Immunoassay Conjugate Peroxidase (HRP) Stabilizer
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  • 2 part
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  • PBS (20X)
  • Tris (10X)
 ELISA Stop Solutions
  • HCl
  • H2SO4
Introductory Sampler Packages