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Assurance Marks

As the global food supply chain becomes increasingly complex, consumer preferences are evolving, and shoppers are seeking products with attributes that satisfy their specific needs and concerns. AsureQuality Assurance Marks provide independent and verified assurance tailored to meet the consumer needs of each food sector and help brands differentiate their products. For organics producers, our new Organics Plus Programme enables you to highlight your commitment to the Organic Standard and supports you to tell your own unique brand story.

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Plant Disease Diagnosis and Testing

Our Plant Health Laboratory in Lincoln, Canterbury, provides comprehensive plant disease diagnostic and testing services, such as seed health testing, detection and identification of plant viruses using ELISA and qPCR technologies, endophyte testing for ryegrass and fescue seed lots, identification of spoilage fungi in food and beverages and PSA-V testing of kiwifruit budwood for export.

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Latest News

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AsureQuality offers first IANZ-accredited rope spore analysis in New Zealand

Laboratory Testing | 1 Dec 2023

AsureQuality is pleased to announce that its laboratory test for rope spores has been accredited by IANZ....

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Welcome to AsureQuality’s Global Marketing Insight Series

Assurance Marks | 17 Nov 2023 | Kellee Henton

Welcome to AsureQuality’s Global Marketing Insight Series

AQ Organics Plus 630x400

AsureQuality’s new Organics Plus programme helps brands tap into New Zealand’s organic story

Assurance Marks | 31 Oct 2023 | Assurance Marks

AsureQuality plays an important role in providing consumers with transparency and assurance about where their food comes from, what’s in it and the way it was p...

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