Important Information for Learners

The following section contains important information that all participants of an AsureQuality training course should have before the start of the training programme.

Enrolment Information

To ensure your enrolment details are current and up to date and to ensure the Academy is compliant with the Ministry of Education and Immigration New Zealand please complete the enrolment link, provide your supporting documents, forms of identity, proof of residency and Visa as soon as possible to Failure to provide these documents will result in the cancellation of your booking.


Personal information (name, address, phone number(s), etc., and assessment results) will only be used by AsureQuality Ltd for administration purposes. This information will not be disclosed to anyone else unless your permission has been given. Your recorded personal information can be accessed by you on request. If your employer has funded your training, then AsureQuality Ltd has the authority to disclose your assessment results to your employer.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

AsureQuality Academy is committed to keeping trainees safe. Your trainer will detail all relevant Health and Safety issues at the start of the training programme. As a participant in this course, you will be expected to comply with all safety rules that are outlined. Failure to comply with the safety rules may result in harm to you or others, the presenter asking you to leave the training course. Please remember we are all responsible for the safety of not only ourselves but also those around us.
Mental health is also an essential part of our overall well-being. If you require mental health support, there are lots of organisations that can help. For urgent mental health support, please ask for help from any of the services listed in the table at the end of this document, they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week unless otherwise specified:

Learning Support Services

The AsureQuality presenter will provide you with advice and support to help with the learning process and with any personal difficulties you may encounter. If you have any special needs or requests with regards to reading, writing, language, physical disabilities, cultural needs etc., you should confidentially make the trainer aware of these to ensure we can cater for these effects. If these needs are outside the trainers’ area of expertise you will be given contact details of other organisations that may be able to assist. Please feel free to discuss this with your trainer or one of our friendly customer service representatives (free phone 0508-00-11-22).


The details of any assessments will be explained to you and instructions are set out at the front of your assessment workbooks. You will be informed of the outcome of your assessments by your assessor. Paper-based assessment materials may be kept by the assessor for moderation purposes.

Successful Completion: Participants who successfully complete all assessments will be resulted as Achieved (A).
Unsuccessful Completion: Participants, who do not attempt, or, are unsuccessful in an assessment, will be resulted as Not Achieved (NA) or (FTC) Failed to complete.

The assessor will discuss the reasons for any NA decision with the participant.

Reassessment: AsureQuality will provide for reassessment where a practicable option for this is available. The options for reassessment will be set out before assessment begins. At the end of this process, any further reassessment will incur charges based on cost. If you have any problems with assessments, please approach your assessor and ask to discuss these.

Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own without giving the author credit. In academic writing, plagiarizing involves using words, ideas, or information from a source without citing it correctly. It is considered academic dishonesty and can result in failure to succeed and/or withdrawal from the programme of study. Usually, plagiarism is unintentional or accidental.

To avoid plagiarism or if you require academic support, literacy, numeracy, digital or language support please let your trainer know so that we can provide the support to help you succeed or contact

Resulting and Certificates

AsureQuality will report the results for all successfully completed unit standards to NZQA and/or the relevant Industry Training Organisation (ITO). These results will appear on your individual NZQA Record of Learning. Certificates, of either attendance or completion, will only be provided where this is part of the course arrangements.

Once you successfully complete your course, you will receive your certificate via email within two weeks.

Appeals Procedure

Any candidate, who feels that an assessment result (which may not withhold NZQA credits) was incorrect, is entitled to seek a review of the result. The process for an appeal is as follows:
Note your disagreement with the outcome on the agreement form signed at the conclusion of the assessment.
Ideally, candidates are encouraged to try to resolve any issues directly with the assessor, but it is recognized that this may not always be possible.
Submit an appeal in writing with the word 'Appeal' in the title, setting out the reason(s) for the appeal and any supporting evidence, and email:
All appeals will be considered within 20 days unless further information or clarification is required to determine an outcome.

The candidate will be advised of the appeal outcome in writing. The potential outcome will be one of:

  •   the original decision by the assessor was justified
  •   the original decision by the assessor should be overturned
  •   a re-assessment is necessary

Should a re-assessment be necessary, it will be undertaken by an assessor, who has not been involved in any part of the process to date. A review fee of $30 is payable on application. This fee will be retained if the original assessment decision is upheld. If the original decision is overturned, the fee is refunded in full. This fee may be reviewed from time to time after notification.


AsureQuality Academy strives to provide our trainees with a positive and successful training experience. If you are unhappy about aspects of the training programme, you have several ways of expressing concerns:
Informal complaint or concern:
Talking directly, or with a supporter, to the trainer at an appropriate opportunity and working together to address your concerns. Talk with your employer or industry representative who may take up your concern.
To make a formal complaint or provide feedback with your concerns email:
If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can raise your concerns with NZQA by making a formal complaint. To make a formal complaint visit the Tertiary Education Dispute Resolution website
If you require more information, please contact NZQA on 0800 697 296.

AsureQuality Misconduct and Disciplinary Procedure

Misconduct includes irregular attendance of class, theft, use of alcohol, and drugs, disruptive and disrespectful behaviour in class and online, verbal and/or physical harm to self or others, dishonest practice, and non-compliance with laws of New Zealand.
AsureQuality reserves the right to terminate the training of any trainee at any time for misconduct subject to the points stated below or any other reason as they think fit after fair and reasonable notice & consideration of the student's perspective.
A disciplinary problem will be formally acknowledged by three verbal warnings from AsureQuality Trainer or Assessor to the trainee concerned. If the student fails to rectify his or her behaviour, the AsureQuality Trainer or Assessor will formally notify the Academy Technical Specialist who will write to the student with their concern and notice of their intention to exclude the trainee.
Upon receiving written notification from the Academy, a trainee shall no longer be permitted to attend any further class or classes on any course if the enrolment is terminated.
The AsureQuality Trainer or Assessor reserve the right to exclude students from a course if behaviour is not adequate, following three verbal warnings.
If the behaviour of any participant is considered dangerous, the AsureQuality Trainer or Assessor reserves the right to expel them from the course without any verbal warning.
Where the training is being delivered in-house, the AsureQuality Trainer or Assessor will notify the relevant employer contact to discuss misconduct and remedial actions.

Withdrawal & Refunds

If you are unable to continue the training at any point you must inform your trainer, Assessor, or the AsureQuality Programme Coordinator. Withdrawal fees may apply as per stated on the terms and conditions.

Educational (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021

In 2022 all providers were required to complete a Gaps Analysis and Action Plan for the pastoral care of the AsureQuality Academy training participants.

Click on the pdf/link to view PDF (736 KB) the Academy’s 2022 Gaps Analysis and Action Plan for 2023.


Contact Information

Free Counselling anytime support

Text 1737

Lifeline Aotearoa link)

24/7 Helpline(external link)  |0800 LIFELINE (0800 54 33 54) 

or free text HELP (4357)

Suicide Crisis Helpline

0508 828 865  or 0508 TAUTOKO

Yellow Brick Road – Te Wahapūahoaho Supporting Families toward mental wellbeing link)

Northern Region 0800732825

Central North Island 0800555434

South Island 0800876682

Te Oranga Kuamata Kuia Disability Support Services Trust link) or 0800 655 377

Te Tomika Trust – Te Ropu Tautoko Mo Te Hinengaro link) or call 07 578 9733

Ministry for Pacific Peoples link) or call 04 473 4493

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand – mauri tū mauri ora link) for the full range of support helplines

Depression Helplines

0800 111 757 or free text 4202 (to talk to a trained counsellor about how you are feeling or to ask any questions). (external link) link)  

Sexuality or gender identity helpline

OUTLine NZ(external link)  – 0800 688 5463 (OUTLINE) provides confidential telephone support.

Rainbow New Zealand: link)

Helplines for children and young people


Youthline(external link)  – 0800 376 633, free text 234 or email or online chat. link)  – or email or free text 5626.

What's Up(external link)  – 0800 942 8787 (for 5–18 year olds). Phone counselling is available every day of the week, 365 days of the year, 11am–11pm. Online chat is available from 11am–10:30pm 7 days a week, including all public holidays.

Help for parents, family and friends


EDANZ(external link)  – improving outcomes for people with eating disorders and their families. Freephone 0800 2 EDANZ or 0800 233 269, or in Auckland 09 522 2679. Or email

Parent Help(external link)  – 0800 568 856 for parents/whānau seeking support, advice and practical strategies on all parenting concerns. Anonymous, non-judgemental and confidential.

Family Services 211 Helpline(external link)  – 0800 211 211 for help finding (and direct transfer to) community based health and social support services in your area.

Skylight (external link) – 0800 299 100 for support through trauma, loss and grief; 9am–5pm weekdays.

Yellow Brick Road(external link) – Supporting families towards mental wellbeing. 


Specialist helplines


Alcohol and Drug Helpline(external link)  – 0800 787 797 or online chat(external link) .

Are You OK(external link)  – 0800 456 450 family violence helpline.

Gambling Helpline(external link)  – 0800 654 655

Anxiety NZ(external link)  – 0800 269 4389 (0800 ANXIETY).

Senior line(external link)  – 0800 725 463 A free information service for older people.

0508MUSICHELPS(external link)  – The Wellbeing Service is a 24/7 online, on the phone and in-person counselling service fully funded by the NZ Music Foundation and provided free of charge to those in the Kiwi music community who can't access the help they need due to hardship and other circumstances. Call 0508 MUSICHELP.

Shine (external link) – 0508 744 633 confidential domestic abuse helpline.

Quit Line(external link)  – 0800 778 778 smoking cessation help.

Vagus Line – 0800 56 76 666 (Mon, Wed, Fri 12 noon – 2pm). Promote family harmony among Chinese, enhance parenting skills, decrease conflict among family members (couple, parent-child, in-laws) and stop family violence.

Women's Refuge(external link)  Crisis line – 0800 733 843 (0800 REFUGE) (for women living with violence, or in fear, in their relationship or family).

Shakti Crisis Line – 0800 742 584 (for migrant or refugee women living with family violence).

Safe to Talk(external link)  – 0800 044 334 or free text 4334 for help to do with sexual harm. Available 24/7 and staffed by trained counsellors.