Grain and Seed

We partner with Aotearoa’s plant, grain and seed industries offering specialist services which help our customers meet trade and export requirements.

Who we are:

Our knowledgeable and experienced Seed & Plant Health Team provide Seed Varietal Certification and Plant Export Certification services on behalf of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Our Quality Assurance programmes provide consumer confidence to our grain and seed industry customers.

Our services include: 

Seed Varietal Certification

We provide a full range of services to support industry with Seed Varietal Certification in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our Seed Certification Bureau,(external link) Field Services team and internationally recognised Palmerston North Seed Laboratory (NZ01) work with Merchants, Seed Processors and Growers to provide independent verification, to ensure the varietal purity of agriculturally important plant species through successive generations in accordance with the MPI Seed Varietal Certification Scheme. This standard conforms with domestic, OECD and AOSCA requirements facilitating trade and exports for our industry partners.

Plant Export (Phytosanitary) Certification

We provide a full range of services covering seed phytosanitary activities across the seed supply chain. As an MPI approved Independent Verification Agency (IVA) our Field Services team provide production site surveys, auditing and phytosanitary inspections for our customers. Our AsureQuality Laboratories provide independent and specialised services in seed testing and identification (Seed Laboratory), plant disease testing and detection (Plant Health Laboratory(external link) ), and identification of invertebrates (Pest Lab) in accordance with MPI Pest Identifier Requirements.

Quality Assurance Programmes and Plant Varietal Rights

Our Seed Certification Bureau(external link) team assist our seed industry stakeholders through administration of the Seed Crop Isolation Distance (SCID) mapping database. Our Field Services(external link) team provide consumer confidence through Quality Assurance programme audits for QAgrainz and NZGSTA and undertake plot testing for OECD/ Plant Varietal Rights.

Seed Cert Bureau 450x200

Seed Certification Bureau

Assist Growers, Seed Processors and Merchants with the MPI Seed Varietal Certification Scheme and SCID.

Field Services 450x200

Field Services

Provide all your inspection and audit requirements, seed sampling and Plant Varietal Rights.

NZ Seed Lab 450x200

Seed Laboratory

Provide official seed sampling, testing and identification to facilitate trade and export.

Plant Health Lab 450x200

Plant Health Laboratory

Provide seed and plant pathology testing and detection to facilitate trade and export.


Phytosanitary Inspection Training Course(external link)

AsureQuality runs a Seed Sampling and Phytosanitary Inspection training course three times a year. This course is designed for anyone wanting to become an authorised seed sampling officer and understand Phytosanitary Inspection requirements.

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