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Field Services

Export Certification

We provide a full range of services to support our customers to meet their Plant export requirements.

Seed Varietal Certification 

We provide a full range of services to support our customers to meet Seed Varietal Certification requirements.


Field Inspection for Seed Varietal Certification

We are MPI approved to undertake crop inspections in accordance with the Seed Varietal & Phytosanitary Certification, Seed Field Production Standards. Inspections are undertaken following crop entry with the Seed Certification Bureau(external link)  and are a vital part in the MPI Seed Varietal Certification scheme. 

OECD varietal plot testing

Our specialised Plant Variety Rights (PVR)/OECD team monitor the identity and purity of crop varieties at various growth stages to ensure the quality of seed produced in the OECD scheme is of a satisfactory level. These plot tests also provide a tool for the training and calibration of our Field Inspectors.

Seed sampling

We have Seed Sampling Officers (authorised by the ISTA-accredited Seed Laboratory(external link) ) who can assist with your official seed sampling requirements for seed testing or health testing (Plant Health Lab(external link) ). Our team also undertake annual MAO seed sampling officers’ competency checks and can assist with automatic sampler approvals and audits.

Quality Assurance programmes and Plant Varietal Rights

We support industry by providing Quality Assurance programmes to give customers confidence. Our Plant Varietal Rights work support industry. 

Plant Variety Rights (PVR) trials

Our specialised Plant Variety Rights (PVR)/OECD team grow variety trials for a wide range of agricultural crops on behalf of the Plant Variety Rights Office (PVRO), Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand. The team assess visual and measured characteristics for all varieties included in the trials. The observations and data are used by the PVRO to determine if a new variety is distinct from other existing varieties and if it is uniform and stable. The trial is also used to draft the official variety description for each candidate variety. 

QAgrainz audits

Our team complete QAgrainz (external link) (Quality Assured New Zealand Grain) audits, on behalf of the United Wheat Growers “to provide ultimate confidence in New Zealand produced grain. We verify traceability and adherence to industry standards of production, storage, and delivery". 

NZGSTA audits

Our team complete audits in accordance with the New Zealand Grains & Seed Trade Association Inc (NZGSTA) Voluntary (Code of Practice(external link) ) for Vegetable Seed for Sowing. 

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