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Plant Health

Plant Disease Diagnosis and Testing

We provide an extensive range of plant disease diagnostic and testing services.

Our team of scientists are recognised for their expertise in detecting and identifying a broad diversity of plant pathogens including:

  • Fungi
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Nematodes

Based in Lincoln, Canterbury, our laboratory offers significant capability in ELISA and DNA-based diagnostics. We frequently develop new test methods based on industry demand. We are also approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to supply identification and diagnostic services for export certification.

Our services include

  • Seed health testing - including nematode testing
  • Diagnosis and identification of plant diseases affecting horticultural and arable crops including amenity plants, ornamentals, turf and more
  • Detection and identification of plant viruses using ELISA and qPCR technologies
  • Endophyte testing: quantification of endophyte levels in ryegrass and fescue seed lots
  • Detection of Phytophthora and other pathogens in growing media and irrigation water
  • Identification of spoilage fungi occurring in food and beverages
  • Identification of postharvest storage rots in fruit and vegetables
  • Aphanomyces soil indexing
  • Psa-V testing for kiwifruit budwood for export (MPI approved)

Our customers

  • Seed industry
  • Fresh produce exporters
  • Commercial growers
  • Private growers
  • Orchardists
  • Nurseries
  • Research institutes
  • Government agencies and local authorities

Submission Forms

Diagnostic Sample Submission Form PDF (91 KB)

Seed Health Test Sample Submission Form PDF (402 KB)

Aphanomyces Soil Indexing Sample Submission Form PDF (208 KB)

Plant Health Lab Price List PDF (260 KB)

Potato Virus Sample Submission Form PDF (144 KB)

Seed Crop Survey Sample Submission Form PDF (164 KB)

Register of MPI Approved Suppliers of Plant Pest Identification Services(external link)

Contact Us

Reception: 03 3581 937
Laboratory: 04 423 0870

Postal address:
AsureQuality – Plant Health Lab
PO Box 85006
Lincoln University
Lincoln 7647

Courier address:
AsureQuality – Plant Health Lab
South Drive
Lincoln University
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