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AsureQuality Laboratory expertise, ready to help

AsureQuality Laboratories | 6 Mar 2023 | AsureQuality

AsureQuality understand that the impact to your business is something you have been coming to terms with over the last month and will be changing day-to-day, ...

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Glyphosate Testing for Honey

AsureQuality Services, AsureQuality Laboratories | 21 Jan 2021 | Scott Wythe

All New Zealand honey being exported to Japan is now required to be tested for Glyphosate in an accredited laboratory....

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New Method For Analysing Protein Components

AsureQuality Laboratories | 19 Sep 2019

This is a proud moment for AsureQuality. The global scientific communities recognise AsureQuality's capability and technical expertise....

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Feature Article In The Food New Zealand Magazine

AsureQuality Laboratories | 11 Dec 2018 | Food New Zealand magazine

A recent feature article in the Food New Zealand Magazine on the advanced technology and testing methods provided by AsureQuality...

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Real-time pathogen testing with new GENE-UP® innovation technology

AsureQuality Laboratories | 5 Sep 2017

AsureQuality is now offering a faster method for detecting Salmonella, Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes - in just one day....


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