Our PestLab and Plant Health Lab use plant pathology, entomology and nematology expertise to diagnose plant and seed diseases, and invertebrate pests.

Our services include insect identification, pest management, disease diagnosis and control advice, and insect contaminant identification.

Our diverse customer base includes fresh produce importers and exporters, seed industry, commercial growers, orchardists, nurseries, food processors, industry groups, research institutes, government agencies and local authorities.

Our Services

Entomology & Nematology

  • Extraction and identification of nematodes in plant, soil and potting mix samples
  • Identification of insects, mites and other arthropods
  • Identification of insect contaminants for food processing and retail industries
  • Technical advice
  • Control advice

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IANZ Accreditation (external link)

Plant Health

A disease diagnostic service for common and unusual diseases caused by fungi and bacteria and physiological disorders. Virus testing is also carried out, along with seed health testing.

  • Trees, shrubs and vines (orchard, plantation, amenity, nursery)
  • Herbaceous crops (cut flower, cereal, vegetable, ornamental, nursery)
  • Produce (fruit, vegetables, flowers, seeds, tubers, bulbs)
  • Grasses, quasi-grasses and legumes (bowls, golf, recreational, pasture turfs)
  • Root pathogen and commensal analyses of soil/potting mix media and of bore/dam/stream waters
  • Fungus identifications for food technologists and crop scientist
  • Seed Health Testing - diseases carried by seed are known as seed-borne diseases and may be caused by pathogenic micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses or nematodes (collectively known as pathogens). Pathogens are detected and identified in laboratory seed health tests
  • Lolium Endophyte Testing - the Lolium endophyte fungus in perennial ryegrass pastures is closely associated with ryegrass staggers and resistance to attack by the Argentine stem weevil. A testing service for Lolium endophyte in ryegrass and fescue seedlots is available.

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Register of MPI Approved Suppliers of Plant Pest Identification Services (external link)