Poultry Inspection - Advanced

This course is only available to domestic students

Course Duration: 3 days

Pricing: $2,310.00 per person + GST & disbursements

Course overview
This course is designed to meet the needs
of the Poultry Industry Association of New
Zealand (PIANZ) and Ministry for Primary
Industry (MPI) requirements.
It provides the practical knowledge and
skills to effectively examine poultry, quality
management and verification methods,
food safety and animal welfare.
What is covered?
· Principles of food safety and hazard
· New Zealand and overseas legislation
related to the poultry industry
· Identification and dispositions of
diseases, defects and abnormalities
found at ante and post mortem
examination of poultry
· Risk management Programmes (RMP)
and the duties of personnel
· Quality management and verification
· The importance of animal welfare,
legislation, best practice
Who should attend?
· Leading hands involved directly with
processing of poultry and poultry
· Supervisors of processing areas
· Direct supervisors of ante and post
mortem examination
· QA staff
· Nominated persons (Stage 1)
Key benefits
· Proves commitment to meeting
regulatory requirements and customer
expectations of reducing the risk of noncompliance
· Increases the confidence of MPI
and customers that the business
understands and can control compliance
· Provides an insight into current national
and international food safety issues
· Develops an increased awareness of
how important animal treatment is to the
quality of the end product
· Provides confidence of compliance with
the guidelines prescribed by the Animal
Welfare Act 1999
Trainees who successfully complete this
course achieve:
· Unit Standard 28171 - Demonstrate
understanding of ante-mortem
examination of poultry used for human
consumption (Level 3) (5 credits)
· Unit Standard 30290 - Complete antemortem examination of poultry used
for human consumption (Level 3) (10
· Unit Standard 20644 - Demonstrate
knowledge of the Animal Welfare Act in
relation to the meat processing industry
(Level 3) (5 credits)
· Unit Standard 28170 - Demonstrate
understanding of post-mortem
examination of poultry products used
for human consumption (Level 3) (10
· Unit standard 28173 – Complete post
mortem examination of poultry products
used for human consumption (Level 3
(15 credits)
The trainees must have sufficient
experience in the poultry industry. This
can be achieved by providing evidence of
training or by completion of the Job skill
Poultry Level 3 course.
The job skill Poultry Level 3 course allows
trainees to work towards the NZ Certificate
in Meat Products.

Note: Currently this course is only available to domestic students. Please contact us if you are not a domestic student and would like to register your interest in this course.

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