AsureQuality AgriBase v3


AgriBase is a one of Aotearoa's most interesting databases. It spatially maps almost every farm in the country. Providing each with its own traceable ID, it holds information on approximately 142,000 live (current) New Zealand farms.

The most complete and wide-ranging farm database in Aotearoa 

About AgriBase

AgriBase holds key contact details for the farm. It has information about: type, size, animal numbers by stock class, planted areas for different orchard or crop types (including forestry), and the spatial coordinates of the farm usable within a geographic information system (GIS).

Both government and industry sector groups use AgriBase as a master index for all rural land holdings involved in some form of primary production.

AgriBase has been used in:

  • Natural disasters such as the February 2004 floods in the lower North Island to locate and contact affected farmers and survey the levels of damage
  • Exotic disease and pest investigations and responses
  • Rescue helicopter missions
  • Development and delivery of food safety traceability and verification systems for New Zealand
  • Epidemiological research into human and animal health issues
  • Development of environmental indicators
  • Within farm fertiliser planning
  • Recording stock exclusion from waterways
  • Mapping of on-farm hazards