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How AsureQuality is helping New Zealand businesses succeed

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New Zealand food is loved the world over. Our growers, farmers, and producers work hard to ensure the food that leaves our shores is of a high standard of quality and safety.

Now more than ever, consumers are placing more importance on product traceability, sustainability, and production processes. They want to know not just what is in their food, but where it came from and how it was made.

And they are prepared to pay a premium price for this information. 

Recent research led by the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU) and funded by Our Land and Water's Rewarding Sustainable Practices programme, has identified nine attributes of highly successful value chains.(external link)  The attributes identified in this research can serve as a template for businesses – particularly exporters looking to make an impact in international markets.

One of the key attributes identified, is that Companies need to know their consumers. Companies who were successful in this study, identified what their consumers valued, and then worked back to the producer to meet those expectations. AsureQuality is developing new strategies and tools to help Companies and producers implement these attributes within their own businesses.

How Assurance Marks can help producers target their consumers’ values

New Zealand producers need to identify what their customers value – and meet those expectations. The AERU research has confirmed that consumers will pay more for products with verified safety, health, social and environmental claims. Consumers are looking for proof that the New Zealand product they are looking to purchase meets verified quality and safety standards and aligns with their personal values.

AsureQuality’s Assurance Marks can help Kiwi brands to provide this proof.

AsureQuality Assurance Marks provide independent and verified assurance from a credible, New Zealand Government-owned entity. Assurance Marks can demonstrate food safety practices, animal welfare, the source of a product’s ingredients, the producer’s sustainability practices, production processes and more. 

New Zealand producers can use Assurance Marks to support their value-proposition and attract a premium price point, particularly in international markets. 

International consumers can quickly access product information via a QR code on the product itself.  A dedicated AsureQuality web page provides the information needed for consumers to assess claims and track the product from farm to fork.

Kellee Henton is the Assurance Marks Manager at AsureQuality. “AsureQuality Assurance Marks are a perfect solution for New Zealand producers who want to differentiate their brands in an increasingly complex global market and tell their unique brand story,” she says.

Assurance Marks can support claim substantiation through independent verification by a New Zealand Government-owned food assurance business, building consumer trust and confidence.”

Talk to our team(external link) and find out how can Assurance Marks can support your products in market.

Streamlined data collection with Integrated Assurance

In its role as Kaitiaki Kai, guardians of food, AsureQuality collects data from audits and checks completed at every point of the supply chain. The information, gathered over many years, means that AsureQuality is well placed to share knowledge and insights with Aotearoa’s food producers. AsureQuality’s Integrated Assurance initiative is set to transform this data into information to help New Zealand producers meet market-signalled assurance demands.

Ultimately, AsureQuality wants to share insights and predictions on what might be ahead for specific industries. Integrated assurance will help streamline the process for producers and provide key data to help New Zealand companies identify the most effective ways to meet their customers’ everchanging needs.

AsureQuality has recently appointed Pam Whitfield as their new Integrated Assurance Manager. “I’m looking forward to working closely with customers to provide integrated assurance services which will not only support their ambitions in this arena, but provide valuable insights and data to shape future decisions” says Pam. 

This new Integrated Assurance strategy reflects AsureQuality’s commitment to inspire a safer, more sustainable, and transparent food world.

In an increasingly competitive world, AsureQuality delivers trust in New Zealand food, helping producers provide confidence for their consumers, while unlocking and growing the value of our $70+ billion food industry.