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New Analytical Method For Analysing Protein Components In Infant Formula

in Laboratory Testing

Food safety experts gathered at the 133rd AOAC INTERNATIONAL Annual Meeting and Exposition have approved a new analytical method for determining total amino acids in commercially manufactured infant formula and adult nutritionals. 

This is a proud moment for AsureQuality. The global scientific communities, AOAC International and SPIFAN Stakeholders, duly recognise AsureQuality's capability and technical expertise. The ISO, IDF and CODEX delegates adopt the method to make it a global standard.

This method has very high relevance in the current market place where food authenticity is at its highest priority. The new method is simple, accurate and precise compared to any other methods in the industry. The method measure all proteinogenic amino acids and could be used for true protein measurement.

The current official methods like Kjeldahl and Leco determine nitrogen and calculate protein from nitrogen using protein factors. This gap in the protein methods provides fraudsters to adulterate products with nitrogenous compounds like melamine.

The new analytical method, “Determination of total proteinogenic amino acids and taurine by pre-column derivatization and UHPLC,” is a big step towards a better food world. 

It was approved for Official Methods of AnalysisSM First Action status during a meeting of the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Expert Review Panel of the Stakeholder Panel for Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals (SPIFAN) Nutrient Methods on September 7, 2019.

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