Sweets That'll Cheer You Up

in Assurance Marks

Chocolate is one of the world’s favourite food groups. In today’s culture, we use chocolate to show love, say thanks, celebrate special occasions and recover from a broken heart. It seems that somehow eating chocolate just makes us happy.

The team at AsureQuality are experts in all areas of food assurance, and while food safety and assurance is a serious business, we want to share some sweetness with everyone visiting us at trade shows. Our high quality chocolates also come with a unique QR code which when scanned by a smart phone, will direct you to a website. There’s some exciting things happening in the food assurance industry and the QR code on our chocolates illustrate how technology like this can be used to provide consumers like you with more information about your food.

With an increasingly complex global food supply chain, people are wanting to understand more about the food and drinks they buy and AsureQuality Assurance Marks have been developed to make this easier. AQ Assurance Marks provide transparency to consumers who can scan the QR code on a product with an AQ Assurance Mark to instantly access information around food assurance or specific claims relating to this product. This is a growing area of business as driven by consumer demand and you can find out more about this here:

https://www.aqassurancemarks.com/en/about-us(external link)