AQ Courses Meat 3 v2

Petfood Inspection AM & PM

Duration: 3 days + site assessment post course
Cost: $4585.00 per person + gst

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Ante-Mortem only: $1,658.50 + GST pp
Post-Mortem only: $2,710.30 + GST pp

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This course is designed for anyone examining animals prior to slaughter for petfood processing. The course content is highly visual and tailored to the petfood industry.

  • Legislation related to the petfood industry
  • Animal Welfare
  • Disease processes
  • Purpose of animal examinations


This course is designed for anyone carrying out animal product inspections to carcasses and viscera before processing into petfood. The course is highly visual and is specifically tailored to the petfood industry.

  • Legislation related to the petfood industry

  • Identification and dispositions of diseases, defects and abnormalities


Ante-Mortem examination strand:
  •   Unit Standard 30293 - Demonstrate understanding of ante-mortem examination of animals used for animal consumption (Level 3) (10 Credits)
  •   Unit Standard 30289 - Complete ante-mortem examination of animal used for animal consumption (Level 3) (10 Credits)
  •   Unit Standard 20644 – Demonstrate knowledge of the Animal Welfare Act in relation to the meat processing industry (Level 3) (5 credits)
Post-Mortem Examination Strand:
  •   Unit Standard 30295 - Demonstrate understanding of post-mortem examination of meat products used for animal consumption (Level 3) (20 Credits)

  •   Unit Standard 28172 - Complete postmortem examination of animal products used for animal consumption (Level 3) (25 Credits)

  •   Unit Standard 28630 – Apply hygiene and food safety requirements to own work area in a primary products food processing operation (Level 3) (5 credits)

Site Assessment
  • Return to site assessment is required.  Assessors will arrange assessment 6-8 weeks after the course date. Assessment costs are included in per person rate.
PM only: 
  • Trainees can complete AM or PM only.  Post-mortem only training is conducted over 3 days to include aspects of Animal Welfare & Ante-mortem to support decisions made for post-mortem processes.  AM units will not be assessed.
  • AsureQuality recommends PM trainees achieve AM units to maintain good operating procedures and support roleholder responsibilities with your employer. 

Entry Requirements


Trainees must be employed in a petfood operation.

English Proficiency

All students are required to have a level of written and oral English equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or higher to be eligible to attend the courses. The person responsible for making bookings or authorising attendance on the course must agree to this entry requirement. 

Please note that evidence of English language proficiency is exempt for those trainees whose enrolment has been organised, paid or required by their employer.

Age requirements - You will be required to be 18 years old or older to be able to enrol into our courses.

Learning Support

Please contact our team in advance if you have any special learning needs or additional support is required on the day.  Trainees with literacy concerns may request a reader/writer support for non-unit standard based training.

Note: Currently this course is only available to domestic students. Please contact us if you are not a domestic student and would like to register your interest in this course.