AQ Courses Meat 3 v2

Meat Inspection Training

Duration: 20 week programme
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Course overview

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Course overview

With the introduction of the Alternative Post Mortem Meat Inspection System, it is vital to ensure that the high food safety standards consumers require for meat products are maintained. Training plays a key role in ensuring meat processing companies can meet consumer expectations and legislative requirements.

What is covered?
  • An integrated theory and practical training programme
  • Support for trainees throughout practical training
  • Weekly reporting on trainees’ progress
Who should attend?
  • Individuals training to become Meat Inspectors
  • Individuals seeking a comprehensive knowledge of meat inspection
Key benefits
  • Learn the fundamental principles of meat inspection including legislation, hygiene, blood and lymph, anatomy, pathology and knife skills
  • Learn how to practically carry out inspection compliantly at chain speed
  • Train with a NZQA recognized Private Training Establishment (PTE)

Trainees are assessed in at least one of the following qualifications:

  • National Certificate Animal Product Examination Services - Lambs (Level 4) (99 credits)
  • National Certificate Animal Product Examination Services - Sheep & Goats (Level 4) (114 credits)
  • National Certificate Animal Product Examination Services - Cattle (Level 4) (139 credits)

There is no prerequisite although AsureQuality recommends the following entry criteria:

  • Passed colour blindness test
  • Experience working on the slaughter floor
  • Knife skills
  • National Certificate (Level 2 or above)
  • Literacy and numeracy competencies

This course provides a learning and assessment pathway to the achievement of the New Zealand Certificate in Meat Processing (Animal Products Examination).  Completion of unit assessment is required to achieve the qualification.

All direct training is to be carried out by an AsureQuality Trainer / Assessor or under AsureQuality Supervision for on-job learning.

Course Name:               Company Meat Inspection Training

Qualification:                 3672 - New Zealand Certificate in Meat Processing (Animal Products Examination)

Programme ID:             122858

Credit Count:                55 credits (Programme of Industry Training indicative hours of 550-1000)

Course Learning hrs:    800 hours.

Finish Date:                  20 weeks from the date training commences unless otherwise agreed below

Equipment:                   Suitably sized training room with clear emergency exists. On-site workstation access, Data Projector screen, Whiteboard. 

Disbursements:             Additional costs may be incurred for the supply of equipment (classroom), or travel requirements for an external trainer.

Catering:                      Not included

Primary Species selection

 Only 1 Species can be trained per course.


Unit Standard


28645 (5 credits)

28631 (5 credits)

8086 (4 credits)

27751 (25 credits)


30313 (16 credits)


30315 (16 credits)

Bovine (Cattle)

30307 (16 credits)

Course Structure Primary Species

AsureQuality’s Trainee Progress Tracking has been developed to provide regular feedback to the employer.  This includes monitoring learner progress, managing skill check outcomes and on/off-job evaluation leading to final unit assessment.  The tracker will also assist in identifying learners who are not achieving as expected at the earliest opportunity.  This information allows the client to plan work station attestation and preparation for unit assessment at the course end date.  Identification of supplementary learning support for trainees may also be communicated on this document.

Trainees will be provided with resources to complement on-job and off-job training.

Achievement of the course learning outcomes rely on a combination of formative assessments and competent learner outcomes: 

Theory (off-job)

Module Learning off-job (classroom, observation, self-paced classroom learning under supervision)

Practical (on-job)

Work station learning on-job (observation, demonstration, practical application, carry-out workplace activities)

Skill Check

Formative assessment to measure the learners understanding of both theory and practical learning, using photos, workbooks, on-chain demonstration

Work Station release

Each trainee will be trained on workstations by the AsureQuality trainer or Official Assessor until they deem the trainee understands how to perform the procedures & can recognise the common diseases and defects.  This may not necessarily be at processing speed. The trainee will then be ‘released’ as competent.  Release to the work station allows the trainee to prepare for the Company Attestation, while working under supervision on-job (refer PM5.3 - 2.1.13)

Work Station Attestation

The Company will monitor progress, and attest to the trainees readiness for final unit assessment.  The attestation is integrated with all formative learning measures to meet final assessment sign off.  This attestation indicates the Company is satisfied that the trainee will meet all procedural requirements of the work station at speed as per the Company requirements at the time.

Unit Standard Assessment

The AsureQuality trainer / assessor will consider all outcomes of the trainees learning and formative evaluation in the trainee tracker.  The AsureQuality trainer / assessor will consider all evidence observed during the on-job and off-job learning and provide feedback on learner progress or facilitate further learning opportunities to meet the unit assessment requirements. 

Pricing Structure

 For the pricing stated below, a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 trainees can be accepted on any one course.

This cost is for a 20 weeks training from the set start date, to the finish date as recorded on your confirmation letter.

Group Size

Per Person Fee

Group of 3

$24,332.87 + GST

Group of 4

$18,308.77 + GST

Group of 5 (max 8 trainees)

$14,694.31 + GST

Pricing is inclusive of disbursements, with two exceptions; the cost of venue hire is not included. Where no locally-based trainer is available and abnormal travel costs would ensue then additional costs apply.

An invoice based on actual trainee numbers and costs will be issued by AsureQuality after the commencement of training.

Potential course disruption 

If there is the potential for the course to exceed the 20-week duration, either for plant shutdown, public holiday or any other factor excluding trainee absenteeism

Exceeding course duration

If training is expected to exceed 20 weeks, a discussion will be scheduled with the client to plan a successful outcome for the trainee.  

An additional quote may be required to complete the training at a later date.  This is based on the feedback and training gaps identified in the trainee tracker.

Note: Currently this course is only available to domestic students. Please contact us if you are not a domestic student and would like to register your interest in this course.