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CropSure - Spray Safe

AsureQuality's CropSure Spray Safe Programme enables growers and marketers to assure their customers that produce is within required agrichemical residue limits.

AsureQuality's CropSure Spray Safe Assurance Programme, ensures your produce is within required agrichemical residue limits.

It enables growers and marketers to assure their customers that produce is within required agrichemical residue limits.

The CropSure system also enables growers to meet critical market access programme requirements, such as GLOBALGAP and Tesco Nurture Scheme.

CropSure Points of Difference

  • Independent verification of controls
  • One integrated residue assurance system
  • Spray diary and residue test result verification and certification
  • Real-time spray diary verification
  • Harvest Clearance Certification establishing comprehensive traceability
  • Comprehensive reporting functions
  • Optional electronic PC based spray diary
  • Flexibility and the ability to meet individual customer specific residue assurance needs
  • Dedicated customer focused team

CropSure PC App Installer(external link)

CropSure functionality

Spray Diary validation and certification

CropSure growers, following industry or customer specific recognised Spray Programmes developed for specific crops, maintain detailed records of all chemical applications to their production. These records, on submission to CropSure, are electronically validated to ensure only approved applicators with calibrated equipment have applied chemicals within appropriate time frames in accordance with their specific Industry Spray Programme.

Certification is issued for all Management Areas / Varieties that comply with the pre-requisite programme conditions.

Random Residue Testing is completed to provide additional assurance that growers are meeting their Industry programme requirements.

Residue testing

The CropSure programme can also be tailored to meet specific customer residue assurance requirements. This is achieved by facilitating the collection and dispatch of any product samples to our laboratory for comprehensive residue testing.

CropSure will validate and certify residue test results against Maximum Residue Levels (MRL’s) to determine Market Suitability for those markets requested by the Industry completing the testing.

On-line CropSure service

CropSure also provides a PC Application version of the programme. This enables growers to enter their spray application records into the database themselves as well as providing other features, such as:

  • Spray application worksheets
  • Real time harvest clearance certificates
  • Spray chemical inventory
  • Cost analysis of chemical applications
  • Pest monitoring records
  • Spray application record reports.

Key Contacts:

Bruce Graham, Auditor – CropSure