Halal Introductory Slaughter (VILT)

Duration: 2 x 4 hr classes + assessment, Cost: $620.10 + GST per person

Course overview

This programme is designed to provide halal training to people who work in a red meat or poultry processing plant or stockyard. Trainees will gain an understanding of the definition and basic concepts of halal certification, primary processing and halal slaughter of animals. This course is also for those who wish to gain knowledge on the basic principles of animal welfare.

What is covered?

  • Introduction to Islamic Shariah
  • Halal slaughter requirements
  • Islamic concept of hygiene
  • Shariah law and Animal Welfare Act
  • The importance of animal welfare
  • The five freedoms of animal welfare
  • Islamic slaughter

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

  • Please ensure you have a stable internet connection for the session. 
  • Ensure you have access to a microphone and webcam
  • Where possible, choose a quiet space where you are unlikely to be interrupted for the duration of your training. 


The following unit standards are required (Theoretical component to be completed on the course)

  • US 25926 – Demonstrate knowledge of Shariah in the production and certification of Halal food and food products (Level 3) (5 credits).
  • US 21623 – Demonstrate knowledge of Halal slaughter requirements in a meat processing operation (Level 3) (5 credits). 

Compulsory unit for slaughter persons 

(Practicing Muslim trainees only)

  • US 25927 – Produce Halal meat in a meat processing operation (Level 3) (10 credits). Theoretical component to be completed on the course and practical component and verification letter to be completed post-course.

Note: For each credit allow around 10 hours of learning.  


2 x 4 hour classes + assessment time

Post-course workplace learning with attestation required (to be completed within 10 weeks from start date).

Pre-Course Learning 

Two weeks before the course you will receive pre-course reading material. Please make sure you take the time to go through this document and familiarise yourself with the subject.  This is to help you make the most of your learning experience on the course.

Entry Requirements

To complete this course, you must be employed in the industry (if you are not currently employed, our Halal Awareness (external link)  course may be suitable). Trainees completing Unit Standard 25927, must be a practicing Muslim.

Trainees will need to complete an attestation post-course and supply a verification letter for Unit Standard 25927. Attestation and verification letter to be returned to training@asurequality.com within 10 weeks of the start date

English Proficiency

All students are required to have a level of written and oral English equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or higher to be eligible to attend the courses.

Please note that evidence of English language proficiency is exempt for those trainees whose enrolment has been organised and paid by their employer.

Age requirements - You must be 18 years old or older to enrol into our courses.

Learning Support

Please contact our team in advance if you have any special learning needs or additional support is required on the day.  Trainees with literacy concerns may request a reader/writer support for non-unit standard based training.

Note: Currently this course is only available to domestic students. Please contact us if you are not a domestic student and would like to register your interest in this course.


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