We offer a comprehensive range of accredited chemical analyses to the food industry including testing for general, compositional, nutritional and safety related chemistry.

We are experts in method development and validation as per international standards or your requirements.

Scope of testing includes:

  • Nutritional Information Panels (NIPs) – We provide accurate information about the nutrient composition of a product including but not limited to carbohydrate by difference, starch, dietary fibre, FOS, GOS, sugars, protein, fat, saturated fat, energy, sodium etc. For more information on NIPs visit the Food Standards website (external link)
  • Specialist claims for functional ingredients including fatty acids (trans, , vitamins, sphingolipids, isoflavones, biogenic amines and immunoglobulin G
  • Food preservatives and additives
  • Advanced mineral analysis
  • Full range of water soluble and fat soluble vitamin analysis
  • Food safety / allergens / mycotoxins / aflatoxins / marine biotoxins
  • Contaminants, adulterants, residues and process by-products
  • Heavy metal screens and quantitation to ultra-low levels
  • Method development using various platforms and validation as per international guidelines and or customer requirements
  • Verification of standard methods and customer supplied methods
  • Pharmaceutical testing for various active ingredients and excipients
  • Raw material testing as per various pharmacopoeia like BP, USP, FCC, CP etc.
  • Wine and beer testing to EU and other overseas market access requirements. For more information visit the MPI website (external link)
  • Controlled (ambient and accelerated) stability and storage trials
  • Veterinary medicines in various feeds and formulations.
  • Sensory laboratory for dairy products and nutritional formulas
  • Foreign matter and impurities
  • Testing for physical and chemical characteristics for dairy products and nutritional formulas
  • Technical support, training and consultation for the entire range of testing.

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