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AsureQuality microbiology testing v3

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Microbiology Testing

Microbiology testing is a vital part of quality and safety control programmes. It allows producers and manufacturers of edible goods to quickly detect harmful pathogens (microbes). Microbiology testing can also help determine the quality and shelf life of products.  

Sometimes micro rapid testing (external link) will work best for your requirements. You can find some helpful info in the description section of the micro rapid testing methods. (external link)  For additional help, please reach out to our customer services (external link) team.  

Which micro analysis is right for you?

Rapid microbiology analysis
  • Provides extremely urgent test results to assist positive release of short shelf life food
  • Allows near real time corrective actions for your environmental surveillance programme
Mass Spec microbiology analysis
  • Confirmation following a suspicious pathogen screen test can be completed next day
  • Fast and timely product spoilage analysis to assist with preventative actions
Traditional microbiology analysis
  • Best utilised where a specific market access test is stated
  • Widely utilised and accepted by export markets

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General, compositional and nutritional chemistry for the food industry.

Residue testing feature


Testing for agricultural, process and veterinary medicines residues. 

Contaminant testing feature box 2


We test both food and environmental samples for a wide range of chemical contaminants.