Organic Cert

Organic Certification

As more people are looking for organic products, the industry is growing. Through the AsureQuality Organic Certification we:

  • assess processing and handling of products along the entire supply chain, including retailers
  • inspect, verify and certify to the AsureQuality Organic Standard
  • provide an organic certification mark (The AsureQuality Organic Mark)

On this page you will find more information on how to achieve and maintain organic certification. 

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AQ Approved Inputs v2

Approved Inputs

Suppliers and products approved for organic use in organic production.

The AsureQuality Organic Mark

AsureQuality Organic Mark

An organic certification mark on a product gives consumers absolute confidence that the product they are buying has been produced according to organic principles.

AsureQuality Organic Standard v2

AsureQuality Organic Standard

Minimum requirements to gain Organic Certification.

organics getting certified 2

Gaining Organic Certification

All the information you need to get certified organic with AsureQuality.

AQ International Standards

International Organic Standards

Our accreditations allow you to get global market access for your organic products.

MyOrganics 2 v2


Our new online system designed to help organic customers to complete compliance activities and streamline tasks. 

organics forms 2

Organic Forms

All the forms you may require for Organic Certification with us.

organic certification food manu 2

Organic Products

Find organic clients and their products.


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