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AsureQuality’s biosecurity team partners with councils for the greater good

Biosecurity | 1 Nov 2022 | AsureQuality Biosecurity Team

AsureQuality is one of New Zealand’s most experienced organisations in biosecurity, offering services covering the depth and breadth of biosecurity surveillance...

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AsureQuality Organics - the tip of the organic iceberg

Certification and Auditing | 17 Oct 2022 | Organics

The organics sector in Aotearoa, and worldwide, is booming. With organics already generating approximately $620 million in export and domestic market revenue ...

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Celebrating a New Chapter of New Zealand’s Premium Sheep Milk

Assurance Marks | 12 Sep 2022 | Lesley Standeven-Kim and Mia Yang, Assurance Marks

Assurance Marks congratulates Maui Milk Limited on becoming the first sheep milk company in New Zealand to become licensed by AsureQuality against the AQ Assure...

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Making a difference with Conservation Volunteers NZ

Community Partnerships | 8 Sep 2022 | People & Culture

Our people have a deep responsibility to do the right thing for food and the environments it comes from. So they were super excited when our partnership with Co...

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Celebrating the first week of our partnership with Kura Kai

Community Partnerships | 6 Sep 2022 | People & Culture

It’s been a busy week since we announced our new partnership with Kura Kai. ...

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Partnering to make a difference in our communities

Community Partnerships | 24 Aug 2022 | People and Culture

We’re excited to announce that we have begun a new journey to be more active in our communities in partnership with two inspirational organisations working for ...

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AsureQuality’s China Marketing Insight Series #6

Assurance Marks | 10 Aug 2022 | Kellee Henton

This is the sixth in our series of insights and learnings around the China marketing calendar. ...

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Celebrating World Food Safety Day 2022

AsureQuality Training, Innovation and Insights | 7 Jun 2022 | Dan Aubrey, Compliance Manager - Horticulture, Food & Dairy

It’s easy to take for granted that in New Zealand we have ready access to safe food and water, which isn’t necessarily the case in all countries around the worl...

Introducing Elke van der Meijden

Elke van der Meijden

Corporate News | 19 Apr 2022 | AsureQuality Innovation and Insights Team

Elke van der Meijden - on a mission to deliver innovation and value for Aotearoa’s food producers....


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