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About MyOrganics

MyOrganics is an online system that provides our Organic operators improved access to register input products. It also allows them to create and manage their Organic Management Plans (OMP).

As an AsureQuality registered Organic Operator, you can use MyOrganics to search our input products database, add input products to your registration and much more. 

MyOrganics Rebuild


We’re pleased to advise that we are currently transitioning to an upgraded MyOrganics system with improved functionality including better filtering and searchability of input products, visibility of submissions and tracking of actions via a new notifications function. 


If you are a current MyOrganics user, you will receive an email notification when you can begin using the new system.


In the meantime you can continue to access the old MyOrganics system to reference your OMP and approved inputs but please do not make changes to your OMP as these will not be captured in the data migration. Input approval requests and emergency treatments notifications will be unaffected.

Login to MyOrganics(external link)

Discover the enhanced MyOrganics system through the webinar linked below.

Find Answers to Common Questions 

System Access and Details

Am I able to check the conditions of use for a particular input product?

Yes. As an Organic Operator you can use the MyOrganics system to:

  • Check the conditions of use for a particular input product
  • Request a new input product to be assessed for use
  • Submit a form to notify AsureQuality about an emergency treatment you’ve given to your livestock
  • Submit and update your Organic Management Plan
  • Upload supporting documentation
  • See your list of registered input products and when it comes time to update your Plan

How do I find MyOrganics?

MyOrganics is a web-based system and can be accessed via https://myorganics.asurequality.com(external link)  

How do I obtain access to MyOrganics?

Please contact organics@asurequality.com to request access to MyOrganics. You will need to be a registered organics customer with AsureQuality to access MyOrganics.

I am having trouble loading or viewing MyOrganics.

MyOrganics works best when accessed using a Google Chrome web browser.  If you are using another web browser, please download Google Chrome to access.

My contact or business details have changed, how do I update MyOrganics?

To update your personal details or the contact and location details of your organic operation, email the changes to organics@asurequality.com

Why is the PDF not generating when I export my Organic Management Plan?

This could be because pop-up windows are blocked on your web browser. Please ensure it's set to allow pop-up windows from MyOrganics. This can be managed in the Settings of the web-browser.  Please note that it is recommended that you use Google Chrome to access MyOrganics.

Input Products

An input that I want to use is not listed in MyOrganics, how can I add this to my registration for use?

If you have searched the MyOrganics input database for all variations of the product without success, then you can submit a request to have a new product assessed using the “Request/Notify” form in MyOrganics.

Can I submit a seed dispensation (or other dispensation) request via MyOrganics?

No, not at this stage. The ability to submit seed dispensations and other dispensations will be included in a future release of MyOrganics.  Please continue to submit dispensations using the appropriate form found here(external link) and submit to organics@asurequality.com.

Why am I not able see my registered input products?

We are currently working to have your input products lists populated from your current input lists. If your list of current input products is not very large, then you may wish to add these to MyOrganics yourself.

Organic Management Plan

Can I complete my OMP Appendix online within MyOrganics?

At this stage, no.  You will still need to complete the OMP Appendix using the existing OMP Appendix template (email us for a copy organics@asurequality.com) and can upload to the Supporting Documents section of the OMP template in MyOrganics.

In the new system, yes you will be able to update this online.

Can I download a copy of my Organic Management Plan from MyOrganics?

Yes, you can download a full copy of your Organic Management Plan. This will provide you with a PDF copy of the Plan.

Do I need to maintain my input product list in the OMP Appendix if I am using MyOrganics to manage my input products?

If you are using MyOrganics to manage your input products, then you will no longer need to complete the input lists in the OMP Appendix.  We are in the process of transferring operators’ previously approved input products into their respective MyOrganic accounts.

How can I access the OMP template?

Once the new system is available, all customers (except Input and Aquaculture) can access OMP templates through MyOrganics. 

For Inputs and Aquaculture customers you can access OMP templates by getting in touch with the Organics team at organics@asurequality.com

Need further assistance?

To access the user guides when logged into MyOrganics please click on the help icon located on the lower left of each page

Email organics@asurequality.com for help with:

  • Logging into MyOrganics
  • Setting up additional MyOrganics accounts for your company
  • Seeing the correct company and site information
  • Carrying out key tasks in MyOrganics