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Testing for Nicarbazin
and other Coccidiostats
and Anticoccidials in
Poultry Feed and Eggs

Poultry Feed and Egg Testing

To help New Zealand’s poultry feed and egg producers meet changes in Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMAR), we offer a range of specialised testing services. 

We have rapidly developed and validated new test methods to met these new requirements. 

These new tests determine coccidiostats and anticoccidial compounds, including nicarbazin and lasalocid, in eggs, selected egg products and poultry feeds at very low levels of detection. 

Our testing services now include: 

  • Poultry feed – verification of absence for 13 anticoccidial compounds 
  • Egg or egg products – verification of absence for 13 anticoccidial compounds 
  • Low level testing of poultry tissue samples for investigative purposes 
  • Dose verification or initial screening for feed samples 

Turn-around times for these tests range from 5-14 calendar days. 

Urgent turn-around times available on request. 

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